Water conservation refers to reducing use of fresh water, through technological or social methods. The goals of water conservation efforts include:

To ensure availability for future generations, the withdrawal of fresh water from an ecosystem should not exceed its natural replacement rate.

Energy conservation
Water pumping, delivery, and wastewater treatment facilities consume a significant amount of energy. In some regions of the world, over 15% of total electricity consumption is devoted to water management.

Habitat conservation
Minimizing human water use helps to preserve fresh water habitats for local wildlife and migrating waterfowl, as well as reducing the need to build new dams and other water diversion infrastructure.

We use a tremendous amount of water every day, often without giving it a second thought. It is second nature now, to turn on taps and have water on demand. Our water, however, is cleaned and filtered before being piped to our houses or buildings. Waste water is taken away and cleaned before being suitable for reuse. Each step of the process uses energy, and by saving water we save energy whilst ensuring that we maintain water supplies.

Conserving water can also extend the life of your septic system by reducing soil saturation, and reducing any pollution due to leaks. Overloading municipal sewer systems can also cause untreated sewage to flow to lakes and rivers. The smaller the amount of water flowing through these systems, the lower the likelihood of pollution.

Often significant volumes of water get wasted through inefficient equipment or wasteful practices. Our water conservation calculator will help to determine where you currently use the most water and help identify savings that can be made.


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